The Drive to Find and Be Fortified by the Truth

In Revolt, The Politics of Politics on February 6, 2011 at 4:25 pm

We, the sons and daughters of Egypt who took part in the protests from January 25, 2011 and till now declare:

Only Mubarak – and not the protestors – can save the country
and the stock exchange, and return the country to normal life, etc….:
1.       only if he steps down
2.       and only if a national interim government to save the country
is established headed by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court,
which would include the honest people of this land, to replace the
government of Mr.  Ahmed Shafik, which is part of the previous
government with some new faces
3.       and only if the Peoples’ Assembly –  which is illegal as
admitted by Mubarak himself in his speech yesterday – is disbanded
4.       and only if a new constitution is drafted.
·         The System has decreased our army, which is our protection
against Israel in Sinai, and has formed a secret army of thugs pitted
against the Egyptians who are demanding their rights in a peaceful
·         Mubarak – in his deal with the Americans – is sacrificing
the people and the country in return for keeping his chair, the safety
of his wealth, and a place for him and his family.
·         And in his deal with the Americans, Mubarak is not ensuring
a peaceful transfer of government, but he is ensuring a replacement
puppet government with new faces
·         He is involving the country in a civil war, where secret
police wear civilian clothes, and unarmed protestors are hit with
burning Molotov bombs and tramped by horses and camels, ambulances are
prevented from saving the injured, and food and medical aid are
prevented from reaching them; and he claims he is preserving the
security of the country.
·         He says in his speech that the honest police force is to
preserve the security of the country, then he orders the police to
withdraw from all parts of the country, after he has released convicts
and armed them, leaving the internal front exposed.
·         The System, the businessmen, and the politicians who benefit
from him send the System’s thugs and a secret police force from the
Ministry of the Interior dressed in civilian clothes, with horses and
camels, and armed with knives and other bladed weapons, to trample the
peaceful protestors and slaughter them.
·         Mubarak’s secret army throws Molotov bombs on the honest
protestors who are calling for peaceful protests.
·         Mubarak claims he is preserving the future of this country,
then burns its history (the Egyptian Museum) with Molotov bombs to
pressure the honest protestors, because he knows well that the
youthful protestors fear for their history in the same way that they
fear for their mothers or their sisters.


1.       The announcement that the President is stepping down and is
being replaced by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
2.       Abolishment of the Emergency Law and all laws that limit
freedoms, and a declaration of general amnesty for the original and
supplementary sentences that follows all the exceptional court trials
of politicians, as well as the release of all those incarcerated due
to exceptional sentences because of their political opinions and
3.       The independence of the judiciary.
4.       The formation of a national interim government formed of
honest experts (technocrats), with no party or sectarian agendas, to
run the country.
5.       The disbandment of the Peoples’ Assembly and the Shoura
Council, as well as the local councils.
6.       The formation of a “Committee of Wise People” formed of
legislators and honest experts to draft a new constitution.
7.       Holding free and honest parliamentary elections including all
factions without prevention or exception, under  full  judiciary and
popular supervision.
8.       Immediate freezing of all holdings abroad of Egyptian
officials, and coordination with all governments to prevent the
transfer of these holdings until the conclusion of investigations to
determine the source of these holdings.
9.       Bringing to trial the former Minister of the Interior, Mr.
Habib El-Adly, for charges of  high treason for the following reasons:
·         Withdrawing the security forces from all over the country
·         Opening the prisons for the convicts to escape, and
providing the convicts with weapons, which they used for terrorizing
the citizens and destroying public establishments, in cooperation with
the Secret Police.
·         Shooting live bullets at the protestors who were calling for
peaceful demonstrations
10.   Bringing to trial the Mafia of NDP representative in the
Peoples’ Assembly, and their soldiers, the drug thugs, who killed our
sons and daughters – the unarmed protestors in Tahrir Square – by
trampling them with horses and camels, burning them with Molotov
bombs, and by shooting them with live bullets, on Wednesday and
Thursday February 2 & 3, 2011 – the second Day of Treason by the
System in a week, with more to come.
11.   Bringing to trial Mr. Ahmed Ezz and the confiscation of all his wealth.

And we suggest that during negotiations with the Government,  the
Egyptian people should be represented by the following experts, who
are honest and are concerned with the welfare of the country (you can
look them all up on the Internet to learn about each of them):

1.       Nobel Laureate Dr. Ahmed Zewail
2.       Mr. Amr Moussa – long time Egyptian politician and current
Secretary General of the Arab League
3.       Counsellor Dr. Gawdat El- Malt – President of the Central
Auditing Organization (CAO)
4.       Dr. Galal Amin – writer / intellectual who is concerned with
the study and analysis of the history of the Egyptians
5.       Economist Dr. Ahmed Al-Najjar – of Al-Ahram Center for
Political & Strategic Studies.  All his studies are concerned with the
problems of Egypt’s economy.
6.       Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb – Sheikh Al-Azhar. A moderate intellectual
and thinker.
7.       Mohamed Refa’a El-Tahtawy – Former Assistant to the Egyptian
Foreign Minister, and current Ambassador.


Q:  Why do we reject the government that Mubarak has formed?


1.       Because more than half of the new government are from the
previous corrupt government.
2.       Because the new Minister of the Interior and his men have not
yet participated in the legitimate activities of the Ministry such as
the preservation of the people’s security and serving the people.  He
only changed the motto of the Ministry and changed the clothes of the
forces to civilian clothes, and used thugs to form his new troops.
3.       The Minister of the Interior and his men are using Molotov
bombs, bladed weapons, live bullets, horses and camels, to kill,
suppress, and terrorize the unarmed protestors who are calling for
peaceful protests.  The Minister and his men are also preventing
medical aid and food from getting to the peaceful protestors.  If this
is not being done by the Minister and his men, then by whom ????? And
why do they stand by watch ?????  And if the Minister of the Interior
does not know who is doing these things, then who else can know????

Q: Why do we reject Mr. Omar Soliman?

A: Because there are many marks and questions about him, such as:

1.       His relationship to the suspect gas deal with Israel which
was won by a businessman who is a close personal friend of the Head of
the Israeli Mossad Mr. Shabtai Shavit,, who is himself a close friend
of Mr. Omar Soliman.
2.       Israel considers him to be the only guarantor of the Peace
Process.  Why could that be?
3.       He is known for his many rights infringements in his
relationship with the Moslem groups in the 90’s, as well as his
coordination with the American CIA regarding the network of secret
prisons for apprehension and torture of dissidents against the New
World Order.

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