Urgent call from the Egyptian demonstrators

In Revolt, The Politics of Politics on February 3, 2011 at 5:27 pm

We appeal to all human rights organizations and to all the defenders of freedoms and human rights and all the free honourable media inside and outside Egypt to interfere immediately and support our peaceful demonstrations from the savage attack of the security against the demonstrators using all kinds of weapons, knives, gas bombs and molotov bombs electric sticks to spread fear among the demonstrators and this is illegalized in any place in the world and against all human rights concepts.
The victims till now today are 230 victims, killed and injured.. and the security is protecting those criminals.

It’s worth mentioning that the government has closed the internet and the mobile phone networks and many headquarters of different channels to ensure that our voice won’t reach the media and people…

We need the help and support of all human rights organizations and all defenders of freedom all over the world to stop this massacre.

What’s happening in Egypt now is a crime against humanity

Please show your solidarity and Support….

April 6 Youth Movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement



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