Swayoco Statement on the Death of Comrade Sipho Jele

In Tearing Ourselves Apart, Uncategorized on May 15, 2010 at 1:42 pm

We, The People’s United Democratic Movement [PUDEMO] youth league, extends our condolences to the Jele family, Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions, PUDEMO and the entire progressive force for the sad loss of one of our finest, highly disciplined and committed cadre of our movement.

May Day celebration is a day that is celebrated by workers all over the world, and should be without any interference of the state. Yet during the celebration our members where harassed, detained, arrested and killed.

Comrade Sipho was one of those who were detained during the May Day celebrations, and subsequently died at the hands of the police. The state police have announced on the state owned radio that he has committed suicide by hanging himself. It has come to our attention that the police also tried to intimidate the family ordering that he should be buried as soon as possible and SWAYOCO,PUDEMO and S.F.T.U should not be told about the funeral.

We don’t accept the hogwash that he has committed suicide and this clearly shows that there is something that the state wants to cover. It is on this regard that we call upon an independent pathologist to do a post mortem to ascertain the real cause of his death.

This is certainly an effective execution of the mandate that was given to the current prime minister by the King to throttle all efforts of liberating Swazi’s using the suppression of terrorism act and labeling SWAYOCO as a terrorist entity, and PUDEMO at large. The youth league note that the regime is frustrated by the fact that SWAYOCO and PUDEMO is still alive and despite the hostile environment that has been created by the state. The recent acquittal of Cde President Mario Masuku proves our resilience and commitment to democracy for Swaziland

We demand a transparent commission of enquiry to probe the matter. This we flag on the face of the prime minister and commissioner of police and correctional services.

We the Youth league of PUDEMO remain committed to the cause of democracy, we will never be shaken by the brutality we are exposed to, and the blood of our comrade will nourish the soil for democracy.




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