ZINASU on Malema’s Visit to Harare

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“Shut up Julius Malema! Don’t export your confusion to Zimbabwe!”

The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) is opposed to the visit by (ANC) Youth League President, Julius Malema to Zimbabwe to meet ZANU PF officials and address rallies organized by ZANU PF. The visit by Malema is unacceptable, offensive, inciteful and politically misplaced considering that his President Jacob Zuma is the mediator of the endless talks in Zimbabwe who by virtue of being a mediator is expected to be neutral. So for Malema to come and meet ZANU PF thugs known for egregious human rights abuses is a clear testimony that the ANC President is biased towards ZANU PF.

He is well known in South Africa for being a tender-prenuer and a rapacious capitalist, who is living a lavish lifestyle not through hard work, but through using his political advantage to get Government tenders, and other means. ZINASU is aware of the tenders he got to construct a road and bridge in a high density suburb of South Africa. His company got money from Government but messed up the roads and the bridge has collapsed whilst the road is disintegrating at a fast rate. He goes out in public saying cheap rhetoric trumpeting about black empowerment and indigenization and pretending to be represent the poor black majority and yet he is robbing them, looting resources to the extent that he now is an island of wealth in a sea of poverty, 70% of his fellow youths whom he represents are poor, jobless and own nothing. What can he tell Zimbabwean youths about youth empowerment, when 70% of his fellow youths in South Africa are unemployed and are engaged in illicit behaviors, robbery, rape, mugging, drug abuse to name just a few. It is clear that the indigenization he wants to preach in Zimbabwe is that of taking advantage of political leverage to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. As students and youth, we identify with the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe and also of South Africa and we welcome a leader who is a diligent fighter for economic empowerment and equal economic opportunities, not someone who uses political power to amass wealth at the expense of the poor.

One of the ANC’s vision is to strive and work for educational advancement and economic empowerment of Africans. Malema should be guided by the visions and values of his party and by the example shown by Nelson Mandela who was a selfless and genuine fighter for the people.

Malema is a controversial youth leader in South Africa who does not even know the difference between right and wrong. He has caused so much confusion, through uncensored, senseless and inciteful utterances. Each time this misguided and unschooled boy speaks, he says nothing but garbage.

The ANC Youth President should first bring sanity amongst youth in his own country before engaging in the so called “Tour”. Malema’s tour to spread confusion and hate among citizens of Africa is unwelcome. He should be orderly before he attempts to teach others about any good virtues.

Instead of him dealing with internal problems facing youths in South Africa, especially ahead of the historic World Cup in June this year, the boy is busy trying to learn tricks on how to create racial disharmony and confiscation of minority properties in the same chaotic and unlawful manner ZANU PF did when it invaded commercial farms under the guise of land reform when in fact they were empowering a few in the Politburo and Central Committee of the now defeated and unwanted liberation party. Which leader in his sane mind can ever come to learn and consult from ZANU PF on any civilized way of organizing society but chaos?  Malema who is violent and racist by design should be warned that Zimbabwe is a multi-racial and peace loving country and we do not tolerate racist and violent tendencies as clearly stated in article 23 of the Zimbabwean Constitution which stipulates that 1(b) No person shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any written law or in the performance of the functions of any public office or any public authority. Not only Zimbabwe is against racism but also a signatory to international human rights instruments for example the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. Malema who was dragged to the courts for uttering racist words in a song “…kill the farmer, Kill the Boer…” is not welcome at all in Zimbabwe.

Is it mere coincidence Malema that your visit is coinciding with the re-emergence of lawlessness in Zimbabwe where ZANU Pf youth have begun to intimidate people and ZANU Pf bases are resurfacing which were used in the June 27 2008 elections to torture innocent civilians?  President Zuma visited Zimbabwe on the 16th of March 2010 where he prescribed further talks and gave a deadline for the 31st of March after that he goes on to trumpet the ZANU PF sanctions propaganda.  The deadline has passed and nothing has materialized from the “mary go round” negotiation and another of Zuma type is coming here for what reason? It is highly likely that the violent and loud sounding nothing Malema is coming to Zimbabwe to meet the ZANU PF youth militia to encourage them to be as violent and controversial as he is.

Malema is known for publicly threatening his opponents that he would kill for his President Zuma. Is that the message he also wants to instill in the equally violent friends of his in ZANU PF to kill for their leaders. He should know that Zimbabweans have suffered enough through organized violence by his colleagues and should trade carefully. Zimbabwean students as represented by ZINASU do not tolerate any form of violence or unlawful activities hence our abhorrence to your disgustful agenda.

Malema, you want to come to Zimbabwe to promote your hate speech to the Zimbabwean youth when this country is in the process of trying to reform the media and to heal from the wounds of past atrocities. For Malema to hide behind sharing liberation struggle is farfetched, what experience does he have on issues of independence when Zimbabwe is 14 years senior in terms of acquiring independence. Zimbabweans are beyond the euphoria of independence and the delusions as well as lies and deceit associated with the leadership of the yesteryear struggle. Zimbabweans are now aware from the 30 years of independence that the liberators have now turned into oppressors hence our struggle against them. So stop the rubbish about independence values and challenge the autocratic nature of the so-called liberators among your friends in ZANU PF.

Why is it that when Zimbabweans were being killed and maimed in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks, Cde Malema never issued a statement condemning the violence? It is most welcome for Malema to first address the xenophobic attacks on poor Zimbabweans first before coming to preach about youth empowerment and indigenization.  Zimbabweans have passed the stage of racial discrimination and now concentrating on trying to promote democracy and good governance. This is what Zimbabweans need right now rather than people who take the country backwards by trying to create a racially polarized country. Youths in the country are tired of being abused and frog marched to attend endless ZANU Pf rallies which do not yield anything except inciting youths to be unruly and violent. Youths need strategic, well synchronized policies that promote and uplift their lives without destroying the economy of the country like the current ill timed, ill prepared indigenization bill being introduced by ZANU PF regime that has ceased to be electorally relevant among Zimbabweans. It is ungodly and unholy for Julius Malema to come here during Easter time and preach about violence, a time set aside to celebrate the death of Jesus Christ; instead, Malema should be holding prayer meetings with his youths and pray for him and their nation.

We call upon fellow students in South Africa to guard diligently the fruits of the struggle, they must be wary of leaders who use power to impoverish the poor and enrich themselves. Leaders must put people first!

Together we shall Conquer,

Long live the students and youth of Zimbabwe

Long Live South African Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World” Nelson Mandela

Inserted by

Wisdom Mgagara

ZINASU National Spokesperson

0913 272 526

ZINASU National Office

18 Philips Avenue, Belgravia


Phone: 04-798038 / 0912 127 397




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