culte d’action de grace for Haiti at the Centre Kimbanguiste, Kinshasha

In For the Ancestors, Moments of Grace on January 22, 2010 at 6:28 am

On 17 January 2010 12:46, Ernest Wamba dia Wamba wrote:

Dear All,

I just returned from the culte d’action de grace for Haiti at the Centre Kimbanguiste (at Force Publique et Sao, commune de Kasa Vubu) in Kinshasa. It was very moving. First, the crowd was immense, mostly women as is often the case (it was the women who had the courage to go first to Jesus’s tomb).

The prayers were very remarkable, you had the feeling as if you are really before God as the case of the Haitians is being pleaded so emotionally. Two Congolese and one Haitian pastor prayed. The Haitian touched every heart, some weeping.

Pasteur Elebe, who preached, was also impeccable. He spoke of the so many black people who have suffered: 210 million slaves, colonization, epidemics, even the figures of HIV sufferers, the % of blacks is higher and on top of that they go hungry. In the spirit of S. Kimbangu he asked that this year blacks should have a rest. He asked Haitians to now more than ever love more your country in its very devasted nature; it is that love that will build it and change the situation. A very simple summary of a very profound predication. It was unifying as well.

Jean-Francois David, le consul général de la République de Haiti, spoke on behalf of Haitians living here. His speech was brief but good. While Israelis had their country given by God, he said, Haiti was a prison, where we were sent, that we learned to love. Funds were raised for Haiti.

The government of the République Démocratique du Congo has decided to send an aid of US $2,5 million.

Ernest Wamba dia Wamba
Kinshasa, RDC


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