African Cities Reader

In Cities on July 18, 2009 at 9:20 am

The Launch Issue of the African Cities Reader [a creation of the African Centre for Cities & Chimurenga Magazine] explores “Pan-African Practices.”
Inside Chris Abani goes on a pilgrimage in notations through Lagos; Nuruddin Farah looks for truth in Tamarind Market of Mogadiscio; Rustum Kozain chases pipe dreams; artist Jean-Christophe Lanquetin on SAPE; Akin Adesokan on Ibadan, Soutin (Stars) and the Puzzle of Bower’s Tower; Karen Press creates an open-source book for urban planners; José Eduardo Agualusa uncovers a map of seductions, stratified assumptions and political intrigue; James Yuma reads the Holy Bible as postcolonial technology for reconfiguring the national narrative of the DRC; Ashraf Jamal navigates the space between hopelessness and hope; Dominique Malaquais reclaims the city as an intelligent and moving form; Sparck/Mowoso Collective on the missing link between the mountain gorilla and Chewbacca; Annie Paul on Ritual Death and Burial in Postcolonial Jamaica and much more.

Download the reader here.


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