South Africa’s goldmines beset by simmering resentment

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Down the mine there is pain, oppression and the cold fear of never coming back. But worst of all, said rock driller Mbuzi Mokwane, is the day he gets his pay cheque. “My pay day is the most miserable day for me. At least during the week I’m working. But on the day you’re given a pay slip that says 4,000 rand [£300], you start calculating your outgoings and you can go crazy. There is daylight robbery in the mines.”

Mgcineni “Mambush” Noki

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Mgcineni “Mambush” Noki

Mgcineni “Mambush” Noki

The murder fields of Marikana. The cold murder fields of Marikana.

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by Greg Marinovch, The Daily Maverick

The majority of the dead in the 16 August massacre at Marikana appear to have been shot at close range or crushed by police vehicles. They were not caught in a fusillade of gunfire from police defending themselves, as the official account would have it. GREG MARINOVICH spent two weeks trying to understand what really happened. What he found was profoundly disturbing.